Like most people, we’re very concerned about the current worldwide pandemic. And so we follow the guidance of public health authorities – distancing, hand-washing, and mask-wearing in close quarters.
But we can’t help but feel there is a piece of the “health puzzle” missing. And that is taking proactive measures to optimize our own personal immunity, a topic that seems conspicuous by its absence in current discussions dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We recently found the following presentation by Roger Seheullt, MD, a pulmonary, critical care and sleep specialist in California.
He explains in no small measure of scientific detail how the quality & quantity of your sleep may be he most important initiative you can take to optimize your immunity to viruses.

This link is one year old so I suggest you fast-forward to 1:56 on the video to skip old news. We wish you all good health and hope you enjoy the information given.

Strengthening Your Immune Response to Viral Infections

Early to bed!