At Form & Function, we're committed to offering you a range of furniture that is not only beautifully constructed, but is also healthy, earth-friendly and becomes an integral part of your life. We call this "furniture for keeps." Our primary focus is on our own in-house hardwood designs. Ian Johnstone, our master builder for over 20 years, has worked with us to develop an ever-growing catalogue of tables, chairs, beds and casework, bench-made of North America's finest hardwoods. We also work closely with a carefully-edited number of family-owned manufacturers whose approach to materials and craftsmanship mirrors that of our own workshop.

We began Form & Function almost 30 years ago and we have much to tell you about what we've learned along the way. Our new website is almost ready, so we ask you to bookmark this page and check back soon! In the meantime, please visit our blog.

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